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Shawn Shreffler

Company Name

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.


(814) 235-24215


711 E College Ave
Pleasant Gap, PA 16823

Assignment Length






Brief Work Description

Equip Support Purchaser/MCA
Responsible for the procurement and safekeeping of parts and supplies for the maintenance facility and, in some cases, any adjacent plants. Manage large inventory and perform quarterly inventory counts. In some cases the Equipment Support Purchaser (ESP) may be required to perform the role of the Maintenance Coordinating Assistant (MCA) for their facility or region. This position includes working as a liaison between field personnel and shop leadership to assist in required maintenance. This position is responsible for collecting, recording, organizing and providing all information to shop leadership who will decide how to manage the repairs or maintenance. This is an hourly, non-exempt position that will work under both direct and indirect supervision.
Essential Functions:
*Safely perform all essential functions
*Accurately enter all data from fuel logs, purchase order generation and entry; generate computerized purchase orders; properly update inventory information.
*Order, receive and distribute parts for projects as needed.
*Research products, locate and select potential sources of materials to ensure cost-effective purchasing.
*Maintain safe and organized work area.
*Maintain computerized preventative maintenance system through Viewpoint, work order processes, and HCSS (The Dispatcher) software systems.
*Maintain historical files on equipment maintenance work orders / equipment profiles as directed by leadership.
*Manage large inventory and perform thorough quarterly inventory counts.
*Work closely with Shop Superintendent to ensure accurate and timely flow of information in the shop.
*Effectively communicate with field personnel and supervisors including:
-Receive maintenance issues from field
-Communicate with field to acknowledge receipt of issue
-Relay necessary information to Shop Superintendent or Leader. Include additional equipment on site that may need repair or maintenance.
-Maintain communication with field as process progresses (provide estimated repair dates / time, delays, etc.)
-Verify repair(s) has been completed, notify field that repair is done and any further action will require another maintenance request.
*Data entry and maintain historical files on equipment maintenance work orders / equipment profiles as directed by leadership.
*Produce computerized reports as needed and directed by leadership.
*Professionally answer telephones and company radios. Record and distribute all messages.
*Consistently work on personal growth plan.
*Exercise proper care and maintenance of company equipment.
*Frequently work more than 40 hours per week and non traditional hours including night shift, Saturday and occasionally Sundays.
*Assist shop staff with receiving, stocking and pulling parts.
*Perform additional assignments per supervisor's direction.

Knowledge of:
*Equipment used in the construction industry.
*Inventory systems (preferred)
*Mechanical concepts (preferred)
*Purchasing concepts
*Intermediate computer skills
*MS Office computer programs
*Maintenance and dispatching software programs (preferred)

Ability to:
*Learn and follow GOH policies and procedures.
*Take and follow instructions.
*Answer phones. Collect, organize and distribute emails.
*Work with others in a team environment.
*Communicate effectively with superiors and other employees.
*Provide potential solutions for issues to shop leadership.
*Work under indirect supervision.
*Perform data entry into various software programs at a proficient level.

*Must have excellent interpersonal, verbal and written skills with solid organizational and time management skills.
*Must be familiar with on-road vehicles and construction equipment.

*High School graduate or equivalent.
*Prefer degree or certification in logistics or equipment maintenance from an accredited vocational or technical school.

*Previous experience working with computers is required.
*Previous office experience is required.
*Previous purchasing experience is preferred.
*Experience in logistics / dispatching, equipment maintenance a plus.

Physical Requirements:
*Successfully manage a variety of tasks simultaneously.
*Lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
*Ability to bend, stoop and kneel to perform filing.
*Ability to climb up and down ladders to access inventory parts.
*Ability to lift equipment and parts overhead.
*Required to talk and hear in conversations with customers.
*Frequently required to use / operate basic office equipment such as phones, computer, file cabinets, copier, etc.
*Frequently required to use fingers / hands to type and file.
*Must be able to see and read PC screens, read normal type size print.
*Must wear steel-toed shoe/boot, jeans, and a short-sleeved t-shirt or longer.

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to perform the job successfully.

Computer Skills Required

Type 25 wpm

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