The HR Office




Employment Services

Most employers would love to have human resource management just down the hall, professionals who could direct the hiring and retaining of talented employees. The professionals at The HR Office understand this process, and with more than 80 years of combined experience in staffing services and HR management, we can be your "HR Office down the hall."

With our knowledge, we can make your life easier as well as help your business operate more efficiently. As the premier employment agency in central Pennsylvania, we can locate, screen, and place the people you need so that you can keep doing what you do, but without the expenditure of time. In addition, we provide personality inventories to ensure that candidates are a good fit.

HR Consulting

After we have located the right employees for your organization, our services don't end with job placement. The most successful companies do not see an employee's first day on the job as the end of the hiring process. A forward-thinking company understands that the first day is the beginning of a relationship with that employee.

Managing basic employment issues like compensation, training, or employee relations can be complicated and detract from the time you want to spend on your business. Our extensive professional background can become your asset when we provide you with human resource consulting and HR management.