The HR Office



Employment Solutions

With the help of the professionals at The HR Office, Inc. placing the right employees does not have to be a task that hinders you from doing your own work. When you choose The HR Office, Inc. to assist with your staffing and employment needs, we will help you locate the qualified candidates you need—and we will save you time, save you money, and save you effort.

The HR Office, Inc. is an employment agency built on an extensive background of knowledge and experience, and we not only know recruiting and staffing, but we know how to simplify the process for an employer. The HR Office will perform much of the preliminary work of hiring, depending on your needs. Our services include:

  • advertising your openings
  • screening candidates
  • administering skills testing
  • discussing the candidate's interests
  • checking references with past employers
  • performing background checks
  • initiating and following up drug and alcohol tests

When skills testing is desired, we can choose from among thousands of available tests, to focus on the skills that you need job candidates to have when you first speak with them.

You have the option to hire professionals directly, who we recruit for you, or we will send you temporary or temp-to-hire candidates who will be employees of The HR Office.

In addition to all these services, we keep a large database of resumes, giving you access to a wide range of potential employment candidates with diverse skills and experiences.