The HR Office



Employer FAQ

What types of positions does The HR Office, Inc. search for Employers?

Administrative – clerical, receptionist, administrative assistant, legal assistants, medical office staff

Accounting – accounts payable, accounts receivable, accountants, controllers, bookkeepers

General Labor – entry level positions


Manufacturing/Production – assemblers to machinists

Professional – human resource, engineers, web developers

Why would I call The HR Office, Inc. for my company’s staffing needs?

Utilizing our staffing agency to find qualified candidates allows you to focus on your core objectives while we focus on finding and managing the human capital it takes to deliver on your commitments.

Smaller companies are not always in a position to find the experienced candidates within the time frame you need. We discuss your needs, do the screening, testing, reference checks that require time and send you the very best candidates.

The cost of hiring and training staff for short-term assignments or unique projects can be costly. We would help you find the right person/experience for what you need. You can continue to be productive in your business without lapses in training time.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and customer service is of utmost importance to us.

We can help you with a confidential search so you do not have to advertise positions. You are welcome to conduct interviews in our office.

Why would I call The HR Office, Inc. for human resource consulting?

We can help your company in the following areas:

  • Employee relations
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Organizational structure development
  • Personnel record maintenance
  • Compensation planning
  • Leadership training and development
  • Human resource audit
  • Human resource strategic planning
  • Employee benefits strategies and designs
  • Performance management